Red in the dark

Written by Anthony Osman on .

I have had many late nights last week because of using the darkroom in the kitchen.

I have printed some of the images I have taken around the village of Sandy. The chemicals I have used are very old; the paper too. My radio was coved in thick electrical tape covering up it's light for the unset clock and radio four was playing out while tinkering around agitating the liquids and letting the magic happen. I do need to experiment more with the developing production. Lowering light levels and using filters will grant me new results. I will not be using the dark room again here in Sandy as I will be moving to Horncastle at the end of the month. I did mention in an early post about moving to digital or staying with film. Although I do have a fond nostalgic view towards film. It would be in my best interest to embrace and invest into digital production. The cost benefits, speed and convenience not too mention the grater connectivity out ways smelling of cat-pee. There are other expenses that have to met first before purchasing any desired digital equipment. Please enjoy these images I have made the old-fashioned way.