You can't take it with you.

Written by Anthony Osman on .

How much stuff do you have?

We all seems to collect a lot of crap over the years. Each of use with a collection of cds, dvds, tapes, records, books and even boxes. There is just so much junk, we attach sentiment to objects of are adolescents like a Nintendo gaming system or a piggy bank. Why do we all still have it and why do find it so hard sometimes to just give it up. Let it find a new home in charity shop or as land fill. I now on purpose will chuck a receipt for food shopping straight into the bin; ignoring any savings. Otherwise I'll hold onto it and jam my wallet full of useless things that is not important. I mention that I would like to sale some vinyl and or give it away to a hospice. I am then met with you cannot do that, I remember when your Farther got it, or you wont get much for it. Well I'm not bladdy using it! And it cannot be all that of an attachment two you because it has sat in my possession for three years without mention or desire. What I am trying to express is that I want to train myself out of this hording mentality. It is just a pain to move all this just like a weight dragging me down. One way events could turn is me walking an outstanding amount and I wont be hauling a trunk of music and books behind me. So I am going to have to consume as much knowledge as I can from each book, film and album and then just shift it.

I am sure releasing these objects will also help teach me about letting things go to. An important lesson for anyone to reinforce upon their psyche. The Earth is always in a constant change nothing stays the same. What was here today can be gone tomorrow.

Here is the hypocrite in me, I do rather dislike digital. I find it more distracting and bright. It flickers and brings head aches, I cannot touch it and this annoys me. How something feels, what it is like to interact with is the best part of creating and seeing. We engage with our environment with more than just our eyes and ears. I all ready talked about being unplugged. Here we go digital photography: I use both digital and analogue. My compact camera are digital. I can carry them in my pocket as I always do and snap when ever I choose to. I use film now more and more reserve because of the cost, but I get to use my hands and think more. There is more guessing in the darkroom and hope for results. I get play scientist for a few hours. I looses that with digital, I plug the card to the computer and Bob's your Uncle the photos are on the screen. Much more easier but I didn't have to work for it. If I have to really strip down my possession for some unknown plan C future. Giving up analogue will be very hard.

My sentiment is; that is where it stared, where I learned at the begging of my adult life art can make me smile.