pof is gone

Written by Anthony Osman on .

The end of that internet dating nonsense, the real world is a lot better in meeting people.  In the physical existence I can get too meet the person before a judgment is made, and that is plenty of better.

OK so lets explain this a little better. There are may pretty girls on the website, and some are very interesting want to get to know. Most people are drivers (I feel like the odd one out on this one). It is good to ready the some people are doing stuff outside of their work, and not just sleep, work, eat, watch and then repeat. I do feel there is a lot of check off the tick off social ladder list;

  • Are you good looking?
  • How tall are you? Please say six foot or more.
  • Can you drive a car?
  • Do you earn a decent wage?
  • Don't be boring!

So once all of these criteria are reach... I think not unless platform glam rock boots come back in fashion or I get my shins hacked up I ain't gonna be six foot. Good looking and boring are complete matters of opinion and mainly to do with confidence, as long as I believe in myself, act passionately and carry myself strong I will be more fun, charming and good to look at. Both my earnings and my transport are on the way to change, but really those materialistic things wont make a spot of difference to who I am or any one for that fact on the inside. Which is who you are trying to get to know. You would not want me to judge you based on your income or lack of transport, so why ask it of me.

Correspondence: a lot of people do not message back and that is fine. I mean if you where walking down the street and decided to try and say hello to every person you passed, the some would stop and say hello, some may nod or smile and other mite ignore you completely. This is just the way things go, I have no knowledge of your day, it could be good it could be bad. So in a way this is a great training tool for more rejection. I am finding the best way to deal with rejection is just to keep getting it and develop a thick skin and even start laughing about it. Now of course there have been some people who got back to me, but like with most brief text based conversation chat is short, unspecific and dull. The way I feel about reading is that your state and mood can effect what you are reading. I mean you could be happy, sad or annoyed when reading this and the text would have a different meaning to you. Have you ever read the same book at different point in your life and found parts you missed before or understood a message in a different way? When socialising I prefer talking with others, as the tone of my voice, gestures of my body and facial expression carry so much more of what I am trying to communicate than just my words.

For me approaching and talking to women and guys too has been a previous weakness in my personality, and as I am developing my strength of character it only seems appropriate to introduce myself to people in the real world. I need to do this for my own improvement, confidence and to prove to myself that I can. There is also much more magic, interest and activity in the air when two people talk; even if that person is an arsehole. In any interaction there is always an action and reaction, positive or negative and each experience has honestly happened. I want to harbour all of these moments as part of my story in life.