Balstock twenty thirteen!

Written by Anthony Osman on .

On the fourteenth of September I attended Balstock in Baldock. I can thirst a foremost to see Louise Rose & The Dirty Boots play. This happened at about three o'clock in the afternoon. I arrived in the historic market town about two. I chatted to two girls on the way. One on the train from Sandy she jumped off at Arlsley to go home for the weekend before going back to university, she's studying physiotherapy. Said good buy to her and just wished her a nice day. I had a good conversation, but very little in common with her. When I was waiting for the next train from Hitchin to arrive there was a girl whom kept on looking at me and I her. She had a shaven head, lots of tattoos and piercings. Only when I got to the destination did I say hello to her.  Gosh she was pretty, look similar to Scarlet Saint but small.  Blundered moment but I recovered in a way, more about that in a tad. Right because I was early I dawdled into the town, bought some smokes, counted my pennies and watch the main stage act. They just finished as I arrived. Now I did see someone I recognised, but it would only be from the internet and felt inappropriate in an unannounced way to approach. So I went to hunt for The Broken Drum as I knew Holly Knowles was playing there at seven thirty and I wanted to see her set. I found that pub pretty quick because I thought I'd taken the wrong path, then looked to my left and the venue was staring me in the face; result! I took out my camera and head over to the near by park to snap some pictures. There are plenty of interesting finds and shapes in Baldock to explore. I get a text from some of my friends that were also there for Louise. One was running late, but that was to be expected as she was a bazy lugger in bed till twelve. The Dirty Boots set was pretty cool, some ground swell is need for more appreciation. They performed a super cover of "Trouble" by Taylor Swift, but then I am thinking Taylor Swift is pretty super dooper, cute and talented. Anyhoot... It was also good to here new songs too.

Louise Rose Higginbottom

Chris "Skippy" McPartland

Luke Simmons

I did record one with my compact camera, I feel though the quality is not all that great. There are some shakes (easy corrected with patience and editing) and the song may be tinny. The play back on my Dell piece of rubbish lab top hated me having a look at it.

My other friend did turn up before the show was over, and that is groovy because I would not want her to miss her friends play and also she is very pretty and lots of fun to talk to, so I am glad she turned up. After the performance we all talked the toot and watch the kids play in the next band. We then heading about to see what other acts are performing and found more watering holes to get plished in. Time passed and laughs were had, they all had a birthday party to get to. My money did not stretch far enough to pop over to Stevenage as well that day plus I wanted to see Holly play. So I did my own wondering and made my way to The Broken Drum. The first act was good, the girl had a lovely voice. This was also told to me by another lady who said she sung with her as a back up singer in another performance that day. Holly came on but my internal atmosphere had changed to a little bit annoyed and down with a splash of bitter. I started to feel ignored by others. I think I just a wave of Billy no mates, it passed but I did go for my own walk and made no effort to interrupt peoples clicks and introduce myself. It was getting dark and boy did the cold come about. I started shivering, I bought some chip shop chips just to warm me up. Then Indy & The Vegas started to play. This was awesome because no matter how many times I have seen them play they always always put on a good show. I got dancing a little both trying to warm up and trying to fend off my lonely anguished state. It was working to a degree but I decided enough was enough and should head back home to bed. A small blonde girl started goading me on the walk to the train station. Asking "Why I was heading off home?" "Where I had been?" "If I had a girl friend?" "If I had a boy friend?" "Was my Mummy calling me back?" "Do you live on your own?" trying to get me to have a drink with her and her friends. They got distracted with something I saw this a good opportunity to get away. They track me down, just keep the piece I said "Fine, I'll stay for one drink". The Engine was now heaving, and it took forever to get served, the blonde had left leaving me with her tall dyed red hair orange foundation completion friend. Don't get me wrong she was pretty and I could tell she though I was good looking but I think for her the words coming out my mouth did not match her impression she thought I might be like. I am not a lads lad, every man to put it plainly. After awhile she too was getting annoyed of waiting. I really had not all that much to say to her, gave her back her money for her drink and we both left. This was good I could still make my train. And wouldn't you know it the girl with the shaven head, tattoos and piercings was back. So I went up to her right away and started chatting to her. Turns out she also went to university to study art, and worked with video while there. We kinda hit it off it was good. Then we got the wrong train at the Hitchin change, she rung her friend to pick her up at Letchworth to take her home and I waited in the could for twenty minutes to attempt the track journey all over again. I could of got her number, I did invite her along to Philip Fry's event at the practice rooms on the 28th of September and she seemed up for it. Oh well there are lots of other girls to try and get to know. That is the main and wonderful thing now though I am trying to say hello and meet people. I am not living in a shy frightened state blaming others for my short coming expecting them to approach me. It is much more fun going out taking risks and making my own opportunities, because even if I fail I still learn something from it.

The Human Turtlepede!