Sandy to Bedford to Milton Keynes and back again.

Written by Anthony Osman on .

This Monday just gone I cycled from Sandy to Bedford. The way I planned to take was following rout 51. This was the old train line path linking Bedford to Cambridge.

If that line was still running today that would of been really handy. I chose to ride my bike this day to give me more freedoms than what the bus times give me. Yes it was dark on the ride home, but that is what lights are for.

I very much dawdled on the trip across stopping a lot to sketch and take photographs. Some older gentlemen know this rout like the back of there hand. One guy in all black lycra past me a few times in my journey. I was good for me to be taking in a new exploring way, so my mind can discover new things to see and do.

Once in Bedford I stuffed a peanut butter sandwich in my gob and locked up the bike. I made sure I got my train ticket to Milton Keynes strait away. Now I could wonder about the town, I would of like to of got more for lunch also. However after a week off and Balstock I spent way too many pennies as it is. So I got a small pack of sweets for the train and kept on looking around. I went round the castle ruins and I got to make some brass rubbings. I was quite excited about this. The trains did not take as long as I thought they would and before I new it I was in MK to meet my friend Antonella and her boy friend Pete for some food.

They are both lovely people and was very happy to see them again. Time flew by, as it does and I had my fun. The ride home at first I thought I might of been in a spot of bother as the key broke to me bike lock. I could still turn it without the top on eventually so I was good to go. I only stopped twice on the way back. Once for an abandoned railway building to check out and the other to document some spray paint in an underpass. I was pretty concerned with getting back and trying to do it within an hour. Of course I did achieve that and was dead chuffed because I still needed to get myself to Tesco for a food shop. I kept on seeing things or shadows in the dark. Calling out to the them, thinking it was someone in the pathway.

It was just me being an idiot. In the woods I thought that there was a ginger farmer with a bloody great big knife waiting to grab me. Yeah that was all in my head. I had a wonderful day and would love to bike to Bedford again, it was lots of fun.