Knock Knock!

Written by Anthony Osman on .

Open the door.

Predator is a movie favourite of mine. One of Arnold's finest flicks I find. Commando is ranked way up there too, and Total Recall. I am still yet to see Running Man. End Of Days has that whirred sex scene where the Devil is shagging the Mother and fingering the Daughter in the same be and the they blend into one being, but it is all in the head of the girl who chosen vestal. Yes I am an fan of Mister Schwarzenegger. Well as a screen presents, not his politics and I here he can actually be a bit of a douche but I have never met him so I cannot make that call based on recorded interviews, speeches and behind the scenes footage. What I like is the action film and the shear size and power of that man. He is one big mother fucker.

So where was I going with this..... Oh yeah knocking. So I was going to hold a little get together this weekend but everyone is busy more or less so it will have to be another time; no worries. This does give me more time on the slow project I've got on the go with a very close deadline. It will be done. I have put other things on hold just to focus on it. Once that is done though I think it will be a "never again" situation. The task just takes far too long. I wont mind doing the odd bit here or there for me, but there is more important work that needs to get done. If I am being a little vague it is because the construction is a gift, you'll find out what after it has been received. Also I'll get to shout more about other ideas and working in the making. I am very excited for it to magic from sketch books to the canvas. On the subject of knocking you could say I have my fist pounding on the door of opportunity and I can here the lock to a brighter more fantastic future becoming unhinged and ready to open.