Plenty Of Fish

Written by Anthony Osman on .

I am going to partake in a social experiment.

Now I want to start meeting new people, and this is a good thing. I feel my job of sticky tape and glue has done a tremendous job on putting my heart bone back together. I am first and foremost going out and meeting people in the more widely excepted and traditional way the offline everyday. The internet can be one avenue to also benefit me but not solely to rely on. How can I use the world wide web to meet people. I am going to two ideas.

One a few select good photos of myself in the acts of having fun, in place, in myself and with others. This would should that I am social, I can have a good time and that I am perfectly capable of doing my own thing of enjoyment. In short I am a good person to get to know.

Two an opening statement that says "Hello nice to meet you. Here are some good facts in why you should get to know me".

Now I am not saying that this will or wont work in meeting people. I am not a psychic, but I do know that it is an opportunity and a tool to take advantage of.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained after all.