I Love You

Written by Anthony Osman on .

This is not a phrase to be used lightly.

As it would happen I currently say out loud this saying when looking into the mirror and it is always accompanied by a little wink from my right eye. This is an acceptance notion, like I appreciate me for who I am and where I am heading in mind, body and soul. No of course I have uttered these words to girls I have been seeing in the past, to family members and friends; even cups of tea. When first said to a potential life mate whether that be them whom speaks first or I, it has not been unmet. Although I have mentioned it when clearly the other person have moved their heart along and I had not quite let go. That is a big red flag there. Spelling out to myself "If you continue Anthony, you are going to get hurt". These things happen though, you live and you learn. When I am saying it in the mirror, as I often talk to myself when I catch my reflection. It is not in vanity, but in truth. If I can show love and support to myself first then I am all the stronger to show compassion and confidence to others. I have never spoke the words "I love you" with out honestly meaning it from my heart.