Magic The Gathering

Written by Anthony Osman on .


I have acquired my old cards from my Mums' shed. This is kinda cool because I love the illustration of these little devils and I can still remember the rules of play. I will not be collecting them again. If I do buy a booster pack it will be for novelty's sake. for me it would be a part of nostalgia and looking back to being a teenager. My Zombie deck needs a little tweaking but it still looks as though it would kick ass. I cannot be really hording more crap as it is hard to move around with tones of stuff. I expect the cards will be finding a new home before the year is out. So sorting out some ebay listings has to be a priority really. There are plenty of treasures to let go of. If I can gather my life of bits and bobs down into one trunk and rucksack, that would be fantastic. Optimistic yes, there is a lot of stuff. And book will be very hard to get rid of. What are you holding onto?