Plugged In

Written by Anthony Osman on .

Are you engaged with your environment?


As I walk about me days off either round my local haunts or through London town I notice that most people are plugged in. I am sure this is the same for most folk in numerous towns and cities. Each of us on a self perpetuating mission to get where we need to be or to accomplish what we have to do at work or the gym. Do any of us though stop? Do we pay attention to our surroundings? Did you hear the stray cat meow, the fox snarl or the bird tweet? Was there a person trying to say hello to you? Did you miss that interaction that may of changed your life? Even at home we come in after the days works, make a concoction of eatable goods and stick on the television. Are we all ignoring life itself? I have chosen for a long time now not to watch TV. I will be coming to my first decade of this choice come August. Recently when looking about I see all too many of us hooked up to a mobile phone mp3 all bells and whistles device. I too am guilty of blocking out the rest of the world with a rotating list of bands that I am listening too currently. I have been weaning myself off of this. Sometimes evening making a point I will sing along to the tunes and pay attention to who around me will jack in, cut me off. Yes this does cause all little embarrassment, but I do it sometime to spite the pretty girl I did or did not say hello to. As she too ignores and chooses not to interact. We all pass each other by and never quite stop to think who is that person, are they having a good day. More often then no when I approach a fellow human male or female. I only do it because I am interested of whom they are. Sure some girls or guys I do find attractive I will not lie, however a simple hello, good morning or bonsoir can go a long way. Heck even just a smile. Next time you make a journey try to leave to headphones at home and listen to atmosphere. Greet a passer by, you never know your interaction may make them feel a little bit better about themselves or about people in general. You don't know unless you try or you ask; give yourself that opportunity. There is always something to talk about; the weather, Tony Hawks' Pro Skater 2, Soir Bleu by Edward Hopper, the latest film you have seen or book you have read. In developing my own encouragement in confidence, I am now trying to make a point of saying hello to people and I must interact with a person I find attractive. If don't want to know me even if just a passing then that is fair enough, the only I will know for certain is by being there and insinuating value into their life. If I can make someone smile, then that's alright by me.