Man Of Steel

Written by Anthony Osman on .


On Saturday just gone I went to see the new Superman film. It opened with a lot of CGI. Then there was the shaking camera. I have no idea why the director thought hand held would be a good idea. It is not a good idea, especially on that budget. It was like Zachary Edward Snyder got so excited to be filming the project. The handle on the camera was being molested to the point of ejaculation. If you are a fan of flash back then you are in for a treat, even montage flash backs. It is the best way to tell the back story. I had trouble believing the chin of steal put on the given suit, pratted about learning to fly and then was completely composed as Superman for the most part. Like what he immediately learnt had radically reshaped him. Oh no I do understand how that could happen. Just watch a Anthony Robbins video on you tube and you go through similar changes. I don't mean you will fly and shoot lazers out of you eyes but you will feel that you can achieve anything. Of course you can as long as you put your mind to it, want it and learn as you do it. General Zod or the "billy goat" stole the acting show of the film, mad and angry even spit. Stick with the two dimensional presentation as it was filmed this way, so it will be retro fitted to three dimensions and some awful close up fast cuts will give you a head ache. Just one thing I want to ask if you breath air on Earth and it makes you strong, then breath air on a Krypton ship that makes you weak; how can you breath in space? My verdict I'd say watch the movie, it is a popcorn flick and fun, but don't sit in the front.