Tales From the Black Heart

Written by Anthony Osman on .


So last Tuesday night I was a little naughty and went out to play on a school night. I had work the next day and believe me computer screens and hangovers do not mix, but boy did I have fun. OK so right off the bat I am going to Camden for a drink. I have not been out in this London borough all that much. I did purchase my DM's from there a couple of years ago and I think I've been to some gigs and a wonder also. I meet up with my good friend from university Nicholas Dishington. A simple cross the road after Barclays and we are at the venue. Nicholas is dinking cider and I am having to beer from the red pump. Though I started to regret that when it was having a wiff of fat person smell. Much banter was to be had concerning Pokémon, Nintendo 3DS, my joining of the Socialist Party, dating and self confidence tips and tricks life in general and past relationship crap also creative endeavours and projects. I did have an idea to sit with the pretty blonde girl whom looked like she had been stood up, but I was late in my suggestion so left her to her night. It turned out for her that was not in solitude as when I popped to the bar again she had the company of friends. Now getting serve before the actual comedy gig presented by the lovely and witty Josie Long took some time but was managed eventually. We get up the stairs to the venue I had imagine in my head as some table and chairs arraignment like a jazz bar, but was more like an assorted shape of seating in pew lines. We were late sort of we ended up at the back. Now the show gets under way Josie of course has her banter with the crowed to get them going in good sprits. Me being me of course had to strike a conversation with her about were live and how I earn my pennies. There was quite a bit of talk about Australia. I've never been I do have an uncle that lives there, he went over when he was twelve or fourteen to find his Dad. I think that is how that story goes. Oh by the way I am not going to mention the jokes the comedians mentioned in the evening because those words belong to them of course. I do encourage you to listen to podcasts of previous black heart nights. What I can say is my funny bone was defiantly tiggled and I would go again. From this evening I developed an idea that I could give stand up a try again myself. So that next evening I bought some video tape to record some short videos for the toilet of the internet; youtube. I did kick one of the comedies on the floor that I am not too proud of. He was knelt behind me and I was unaware and was fidgeting because I needed a wee. Beer has this effect. Nicholas and I nipped out for a cigarette on the return we were talking about an old piece of work of mine called Psyman. Josie told us off when we were coming back up the stairs and asking us to shhhhhh.... I do admit if I have alcohol and I am quite excited then my internal gage has been altered to loud. Other thing of that evening I lent a lighter to a female stranger, my friend and I took photos at a vandalised 9 3/4s oh yeah I learnt about a band that are now two bands but each have the same name and I cannot remember the name of the band. Above all though I had lots of fun. If anyone ells would like to come along to the next gig in Camden give me a shout and I will be more than happy to have more fun adventures in this area of the capital.