End of May

Written by Anthony Osman on .


Ten days off of work, but what am I going to do?


Fantastic some actual time outside of just evenings and staying up late. Well I can use each morning now to study French. Now I am a morning person so I'll be up an atom set up on my desk about half six or seven in the morning. I'll follow this up with a bike ride, eight miles should be fine. I will then have the rest of the day to play with, and boy do I have a lot planned. Firstly some really good friends will be making an appearance and I cannot wait to see them. Also I get to map out a load more drawing ideas to a larger scale. I get to dedicate reasonable hours to do written work. I have time as well to put some very good job application together for a teaching post and I get to go though my confidence building and overcoming anxiety books and reflect on were I am at and how I am coming along. I get to put a list together of my boundaries, morals, beliefs and everything that makes me great and unique. There will be lots of art happening, music being practiced and life being lived.

This is going to be a fantastic time!  =D