Middle Class Nobbers

Written by Anthony Osman on .


As you can imagine we have all had our fair share of dealings with this sort. Or perhaps you are one. There is no none cure I'm sorry. It is a condition some people are borne into; having too much money. Now they do preach that education will better yourself. I'm still to meet one who proves this. As most of them have know someone to get a better job. They had their foot in the door already so to speak. They seem to complain about being broke but have no idea what it is like to survive on a minimum wage. I find a lot of their actions selfish and spoilt. The term of treating other how you would like to be treated, seems to of got translated into treat others how want to. And there of course is the money and all though they may say that they are skint, they still find plenty of ways to rub it in peoples faces. Whether this be property, personal transport, events like the theatre or long expensive holidays like travelling. They seem to think that everyone lives like they do and that if your not paying a mortgage, driving a car or working a job that is over twenty five grand a year; then you're a failure. I think they missed the point that for them they good start in life. So maybe they should not judge others from where they come from but what dreams they aspire to. I just caught myself then I am in fact blaming them because they have wronged me. Yes I can say fuck'em! But I should not act like a victim. I can elevate myself to do better. Even to have three meals a day and maybe larger savings. I treat people fair and equal, I only ever expect the same. I am kind person with big heart, who wears it on his sleeve. I am working on being more assertive, saying no and also speaking my mine even if I think that would hurt someone's feelings. I there for could be self sabotaging myself because of a dislike or hurt from people with money. I don't want to end up like them. Yes they nice things, but they are just possessions. Your life and yourself is not measured by what you own or how much you have, but by the your own value and self worth also your achievements in life. There are some shallow people out there that will poke fun, use, ridicule and abuse other without. Look at it this way I can remember a Christmas when I little and my brother and I got a second hand table top football game and bubble bath. We were really happy because we were together and loved each other for exactly who we are. If you have someone in your life; friend, colleague, family or lover get to know them. Not what they have or how that can benefit you. Find out their dreams, their passions, their beliefs, their quirks, their hates even their favourite colour and there is so much more. If you're interested in a person? Be interested! One day they could be out of your life and you'll never get chance to find out about them.

Money is bullshit, what you do with your time is precious.