Written by Anthony Osman on .


What are you reading? I would really like to know. I jump between books and read a chapter here of one and the some of another. A new book each week and usually three on the go. Sometimes I get the one I cannot put down and have to finish pretty much there and then. I only started reading for enjoyment after school. And once I had ditch television and computer games played on them while at college my appetite grew exponentially. There have been a few I did not enjoy; A Plea For Eros by Siri Hustvedt was horrid. Mainly I have a lot of fun. You see I have a very overactive imagination and get quite carried away. This makes good for art work my creativity. It's is awful for worry, near enough panic inducing. That is a negative pattern not to get into at all. I would like to say I can live in the world that the author has written and always go back and revisit themes, places and characters again? I always feel that I have never wasted anytime when reading a book. I always remember where I last left off and what has been going on. With each book I believe I have learned something, and learning is most certainly not a waste of time. Reading and writing as a child I found very difficult and was often told I was stupid at school. I somehow reignited this belief at university and that hindered me a great deal. That of course is a load of bollecks and have proven to myself that I am fully capable of challenging reads. Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon was a challenge but I got there; maybe I should ware a banana sticker to prove that. I mite just do that or a least take the sticker off of the fruit in the kitchen and press it on the book cover. I can certainly pump the word count out. All that fuss over nothing. I told ya, worry and imagination is not a good mix. So my advice to you today. Is there something that you are putting off or want to do but have not started? Do it! Just do it! Get up off your bum and give it a try. You wont know if you will fail or succeed until you do. Let nobody tell you cannot do it, even if that person is you. I am saying if you want to do whatever it is, then attack with passion and go for it. You can do it! Just believe in yourself!