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The first beer that I had would of been with my Dad at some sort of social event. The little stubby Stella bottles. I actually hated it. To me beer at a young teen age was discussing. I did not really drink until I went to university. I mean there was a few times with work friends. I can remember on a coach back to Stevenage for where ever the Christmas due was talking to a pretty girl. I talk with my hands as it were, long story short I hit her boob with the front of my hand. Two guys at work I openly told because after all I did apologise strait away to the girl and then went very reserved decided it would be a good idea to ridicule and call me an evil sexual pervert. The first time I got drunk well beyond tipsy was on holiday in Tenerife. I told my younger Sister that I loved her very much, and also told my old Sisters friend that came on holiday with us that I thought she was fit. I recall doing some sort of vertical roll on a rail also that night. At uni. I used to drink Guinness often until I was sleeping on the floor of my first girl friends halls in a sleeping bag in her room and I had a nose bleed on the pillow. The red was so dark and so earthy, it had an intensity to the hue. I come to the conclusion that there was too much iron in my blood stream and knocked the black stuff on the head. Oh yeah my first relationship was not the best but I did learn a lot. Physical contact is OK. I swear my head is screwed on back to front sometimes. There are points when I do not drink for a few months just stick with tea. This does get some funny looks in a pub late in the evening, but tea is amazing. One trend was last year from just before new years eve until valentines day. that valentines day was grate and will remember it fondly. I saw half of the Kings Speech that night, not a bad movie it was alright. I will drink it if it is wet. Of course I have some regulars, larger is a normal occurrence in any pub because they all have it. If the public house provides ale I will drink that too. Though I tend to find with ale there is a serous case of god awful trumpet trousers the next day. The kind of but methane that will singe your nose hairs out and make you eyes water. Wines I will have a tipple on all three red, white or rosé. Red has to be my favourite though. There is no need to chill it and it makes for good cooking too. On the spirit end of the spectrum whisky, rum and gin go down smooth. I do like a G'n'T towards the end of a pub crawl. I am currently in a drinking phase but not too heavy but I would say it is a binge. A weekend or two in the month has a few too many pints in it. If I am feeling particularly unsure of myself or down in the dumps I will steer clear of alcohol. Last Friday was a lot of fun I went out on a whim, I had an invitation to a gig so went and enjoyed myself. I mingled very well and talked with a lot of people both girls and guys. Everybody bar one was a stranger to me. There was a girl whom was from my past but back then she was a friend of a friend so I didn't really know her and it had been ten years, she seemed very much like a different person to how I remember her. I did chat up a few people that night and got home in the silly hours of the morning as you do. No I did not collect any numbers but I currently am not looking to. I know if I wanted to all I had to do was ask and I would of got digits for my mobile. Who knows maybe I will bump into any of those people again, we all had a good time after all. There was someone I could of totally kissed also but thought better of it because of how drunk I was. Pretty smashed by the end. I had to go out the next day also and I was hoping for sunshine because of how good I felt and sunglasses to hide my hanging eyes. It was raining however so my chipper good self would have to radiant the day instead and bring joy to others faces as I pass them.