Brake Ups

Written by Anthony Osman on .


All good things must come to an end. There is no better time to be honest and say what you've got to say as you mite not get another chance. These things are never just one persons fault and that is very important to remember. Both people have their part to play. There are many reason of why brake ups happen, neediness, distance, boredom, injustice, abuse, affairs, jealousy or that you have become more friends than lovers. There are I am sure a lot more reasons than that. A few tips if you are going down this road. One have NO CONTACT strait after. Grab your shit and go, if you have left stuff behind just cut your losses. I am not saying that you cannot be friends at a later stage in your lives, but first you need some me time. Have a little think of what went wrong and move the fuck on. Being dumped or doing the dumping both is hard, and both are the same "letting go of someone that you care about" so try not to blame the other for everything. They will be hurting just as much as you. Two spend some quality time being single. Yes there can be less sex in this state. If you give it a chance though you are going to have an abundance of free time on your hands. Find a hobby or try something out that you always wanted to do. Was there something that you wanted to do on your own but never had the time or funds for? Well now is the time. When looking back is there any flaws in your personality that you noticed or were pointed out. If there are you have something to thank that person for as well as some good memories, and you can now address those flaws and improve yourself. Three remove all the things that remind you of them. So photographs, music, books, films, texts, phone numbers, emails, facebook and anything ells you can think of. Remember Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind this will be no more truer than now. Four speak with you friends and family and do not bash online. Public spaces are not for grate vents for your trouble. Your life ain't an episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show please do not turn it into one. Surround yourself with the people whom care about you and there will be a smile on your face again I promise. Time does heal all wounds, so give yourself time to grieve for what could of been. Try not to live in the past though; forward is the direction you want to be having. Eventually learn to shut up, people will get a bit tired of you banging on about it so try talking about your other interests. You mite find your enjoying talking about the things that interest you more. If you do start dating again make sure you are ready. If you start talking about your ex on the date you are most defiantly not ready. Build some new networks of friends up and try going to new places. Building new memories can help you out a lot. Some big no no's are; drinking or taking drugs alone to cope, once the hi is gone you are just going to get very low and feel worse. Hopping strait into bed or a relationship with someone ells, you are going to project your insecurities and your preserved short coming of your ex on to that new person and that is no fair. Continuing to meet up as fuck buddies. One of you is going to still be harbouring feelings for the other and one of you is going to be using the other to their advantage, this would only end in disaster. Stalking the person this is a major no, you are not part of their life anymore so leave them alone. Why is the person going to want you back if you're staring at their window or tailing them where ever they go. Just don't do it! Also do not, I repeat do not cut or hurt yourself or do anything very silly for your health. People are out there that will listen and there are others that do love you. Try smiling instead, Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself" is a top song recommendation for widening your grin. The more stupidly you dance and lack all rhythm the better. Make Yourself Laugh! You want to get you back to being yourself ultimately. So be the best you that you can be, and strive for that. I guaranty that putting the effort to help yourself from the inside out will help your self esteem and confidence to grow and you will be noticed by others.