Mystery Ink

Written by Anthony Osman on .

What's inside the pack?

Hay you, yes you!

Do you like getting post through the letter box?  Do you enjoy the suspense opening booster packs? Do you like comic book art?

Then have I got a treat for you. I am going to do a run of one hundred ink illustrations of fictional graphic novel characters. Fifty that save and fifty that terrorise. These will be my take on them and no two the same. Each one painted by hand on quality grade paper and mounted on decent coloured card measuring in at 85mm by 145mm. I'll also write to you by hand a letter of thanks and inform of who the devil you've just acquired. Look out for a bright and colourful envelope containing your random hero or villain.


The cost is £3.50 for one including the postal charge. Click over here on my Etsy store to grab one before they're all gone.