Using the darkroom

Written by Anthony Osman on .

Fix and dev makes ya smell like cat pee but the magic it is good fun.

The River Ivel

This time I had an assistant in the darkroom. Mistakes I did make was not letting long enough for the wash and also not adding a stream of water to my cleaned out washing up bowl that is my wash tank. Next time (which will have to be soon because of the chemicals needing replacing) I will wash for half an hour each image and add new water into the tank every five minutes to give it a flow removing the chemicals off the prints.

Now it does take a while in the darkroom. I feel like I am playing with an armature scientist chemistry set. What I have decided though is to print only one image per evening session. Use the first hour after set up to get the best print time I can and then the following amount of time to produce a run of prints. I am going to do batches of twenty prints to sale framed on etsy. A master copy I will keep to exhibit of course. I have shaked, rattled and rolled a new film batch to enlarge choice images very soon. My set up is in my kitchen taking over a sideboard. I am only going to be working in black and white this way. I am looking forward to bring more photography work to show you in the coming months.