The Society Bullshit List

Written by Anthony Osman on .

Tick what applies.

Get top GCSEs.

Get top A levels.

Learn to drive.

Have a car.

Go to collage, get top marks.

Go to university, get top marks.

Have a job.

Have well paid job.

Have better paid job.

Rent a flat.

Pay a pension.

Go to the gym.

Play sports.

Go out, get drunk.

Have a telly.

Have a computer.


Perform sexual intercourse.

Buy a house.

Pay a mortgage.

Buy a bran new car.

Meet a partner.

Get engaged.

Get married.

Buy a bigger house.

Have children.

Go on holidays.

Become the boss.

Pay for your children's car.

Pay for your children's rent.

Pay for your children's rent.


Do odd jobs.

Move into a home.

See friends pass.

Loose partner.