Cheap painting

Written by Anthony Osman on .

I would not recommend doing this at all, but it was a learning experience.

Now I was expecting at the beginning of the year to invest two hundred pounds of bonus money into art supplies. I was after an circular saw angle cutter, an electric drill, a couple of g-clamps, new canvas (top of the tings to get pile) and some more oil paint. The money never came, the boss changed his mind for reason still not yet discussed. The lesson that I keep on learning from this is to make my own money and rely on myself; believe this message is being shouted at me from every direction I turn. It's within my circumstance, emotions, role models and outside influence. So I have mad to make do with the best that I've got, until my pennies are bigger pounds. So I can afford a sewing ring used for cross stitch, I have a dust sheet I can cut up as material and I have some acrylic paint. These will have to do it is only practice after all.

I am a pretty messy painter, I get a little agitated about mixing paints together and always think I going to waste it and get it wrong. So sod it if I get it wrong, I get it wrong this is acrylic it's cheap enough to start again. I also load too much onto my brush, this will become better with more repeats of trying. The more I use the medium the more I come to understand hoe it applies and behaves with application to a surface. What would help is if I use one brush to mix the desired hue and another brush to apply it. That way I am less likely to overload it. The greater my understanding the greater my control. For me acrylic paint dries far too quickly and it's dull plastic texture is about as interesting as picking old glue from the side of a container. Coupled with painting onto dust sheet, fricking dust sheets; come on Anthony you can do better than that. And you know what I can. I am buying canvas this weekend, seven meters of it. I have some would already cut right and I'll track down some little corner wedges. I'm raising my standards, this was fine for an experiment but crumbs is it shite to works with. Flaking and falling apart, bleeding the paint through the back. I can use the rest left over as rags. I will play about with some oils within the coming weeks, I have to local pubs to paint some 5"*7"s of. The smaller scale will force me to be more tidier, I just have to be more patient with getting to the end result. It is a labour of love not a race in creating work.

About the works themselves I fell that they both needed to happen to prove some points about my approach to painting in bad habits I need to kick, and for that I am thankful. I will take my time again now on. I may set myself up to try and do so many things to get ahead, but I can only ever do one thing well at a time. Rushing or juggling will only end in satisfactory levels.

I can do better, and I'll prove it!