How does sneaking go?

Written by Anthony Osman on .

"So we've come to look after this place for Matthew Ingram" said Graham. The side door led right into the kitchen viewing a small garden wrapped in a large hedge occupied by a six slab path green washing line and prop, dark green uncut grass and an infrequent visiting ginger and white cat. Cosy meaning small and close quartered is the best way to put the kitchen. White with cream tops and black spots in the window seal. "What's to eat?" I say bending over and poking my head in the fridge, followed shortly by grown. "There's some shops round the corner. A Co-Op is what we find. Two lads at the till one with messy dark hair and spots one with the other with short blond hair and spots; both taller than me. "Watch out for the sausage ninjas stealing from your fridge. There are a lot of thefts in the area" the blond mentions speaking across his colleague and ignoring his old lady customer. After a ham and pineapple pizza and a viewing of the review show. We hit the hay up a steep set of narrow stairs quilted in thick dull blue carpet sandwiched between treated wooded slits over the walls.

Low and behold there's a note in the fridge. "Two of your sausages have been held ransom, pay up by tomorrow or you wont get them back." "Funny they left no charge" I noticed. Graham took a look out side and round the corner and I begun to close all the window or check they were closed. Two boys were then in the living room. SNAP I shot off my camera at them (well I did this after but thought I did it before but the intention was all the same). "We've come for your money and your pork!" the blond raised his voice. "You're the two from the shop" I stated. "I have your photo now and you'll get nothing, you can climb out the window again you came in. I'll be telling your Mum about this" I affirmed. With that they both left. Graham returned "You know there is more to this house, it goes under that train track too" he pointed out.

Next to the soft cream carpet on the downstairs landing there was another door. "Ahhh, a puppet!" I shrilled. Bitten with a teeth of ice fire, the creature ran away wiggling its arms and walking on air. "Are you OK?" Graham asked. "Yeah fine; that was a little odd. What do you suppose it was?" I said. "Dunno lets continue and find out" Graham replied. Down a rickety mettle stairway we come across and darken laboratory filled with off green machines with dials and giant light bulbs. A control room was behind a blue door and had a great glass window looking back at the lab. Lightened up inside by a corner arrow exit sign. "What an odd place, look there is another door" I said. "Watch out for puppets" Graham joked. In the dark shadow of the underground bedroom we found an old man creeper out in a long cardigan and bottle glasses. "Have you seen my puppet demon?" he asked us both. "What does he look like?" we asked. "Oh he's white with blue and red stripes round his middle and tiny fangs in his bear like face, with dark ebony eyes" described the old bloke. "Does he have ice powers?" Graham asked. "Yes, you did see him then" smiled the codger. "He attacked us earlier" I snapped. The frail geezer then opened up a panel of wooden slits and showed us his family portrait tree. An interesting observation of many different demon puppets couple with each member.

The hunt was on to reclaim his nasty little bugger and also gain power to the lad so we see what the bloody hell we were doing. Upstairs in the kitchen I was attacked again. This time being struck by the red bristled end of a broom. "That bloody puppet" I complained.

Then I woke up.