Written by Anthony Osman on .

Just how much rest does the body need?

Now I get tired and sometime ratty at night time. Usually I am heading for bed about half ten or just before twelve. The later I go to bed; the earlier I have to the next day. There are some exceptions though. I could be intensely concentration on a task for example writing or painting and I then seem to push past this tiredness to finish. If I am reading or trying to watch a movie I've had it. My head droops, eyes get so heavy and I do that collapse then wake yourself trick before succumbing to the need of going to bed. Parties, clubs and nights out are not immune to a narcoleptic Anthony. Many a time have I fallen asleep on the night bus, in the corner of chair at a party or lent on the wall of a venue. What can I say late night time for me is sleepy time. I get up early, always have done and always will do. I cannot stand just laying in bed in the morning. I have to get up and start the day. Upon occasion I have not been able to sleep at night, dew to worry, a conflict or a nightmare. This throws me out of sync for the next day, especially if it has been worry. Because I'll probably still be worrying. Thankfully with all my training and putting in good effort, that scenario has diminished. Over things that I have stayed up late with has been emersion were I've been playing a videogame for hours on end not put it down. Though I do have to give up to sleep at some point and smaller screens like on my DSi have the same effect at me trying to read late at night. What would happen though if I did just try to stay awake? I wouldn't think a full blow "Jacob's Ladder" would go on, but so tricks would start to play out. I've not tried it in a long time to see how long I could stay awake for. One thing my body begins to ache if I have not rested properly. My shoulders feel like a fishermen has been practicing making knots with my muscle tendons, my eyes also look like a blood shot express trip to Tesco for panda make up. I also get very snappy with people. My sense of touch is increased (or I'm more aware of it) and my movement are more stiff and creaky. I feel I have to scratch and itch more, I crave a silent stillness in the air to be more alone with my thoughts. I know at night I go through my troubles, memories or contemplate a thought or an idea. I play out what ifs and fantasies, both good and bad. I hunt for that cold side of the pillow and wrap the duvet around me. If on that very rare occasion I am sharing a bed I like to embrace my slumber companion.