Knitting Again

Written by Anthony Osman on .

Put the needle through the hole, loop the yarn and catch it through, drop the hole holding the new one and repeat.

So yeah I am knitting again in the horning for about forty-five minutes each week day. I am taking those super hero tank tops and this time I have learnt a few new skills about using multiple colours and how to make it right. I also will be knitting two together just before the end and not trying to catch the last stitch in a complicated way. All I did before was stretch out the yarn and ended up having to start over. But now I know what not to do. I have to tidy up my Captain Marvel or is now know as Shazam because of the New 52 knit pattern. So this time I am starting with The Flash (because I don't have to buy any new wool). Things are actually going quite speedy and should be hitting the main part of the colour work by the end of this week.