Kanto Update

Written by Anthony Osman on .

So where am I up to in my Pokémon Blue adventure?

Well I had to storm ahead after a grin with Staryu to learn recover then evolve in Starmie with a water stone. I hoped on my bike met up with Sabrina, and Koga and introduced them to Parasect who leached all there life away. Bug moves mite not be that strong in this generation of games but Parasects' high attack level makes up for it. Starmie had levelled up now also in the Pokémon Mansion and Jolteon was now a proper monster after Seafaom Island. Parasect and Starmie tag teamed Giovanni and gained me the Earth badge. The tricky part now is Victory Road where I always get lost. I keep on forgetting about a tiny gap in the rockery that lets up pass down with the boulder you use strength on. If I ever play through again, I'll be sure to remember. The Elite Four went down quite easy as did my rival. With Jolteon, Parasect and Starmie getting so strong being lost within Victory Road and levelling up a Chamander and Squitle into their final stages of evolution when running about the cave, it was no trouble at all. With that out the way now only using the Elite Four to gain more money I headed off to catch Mewtow. The easy way of course, I just chucked a master ball at him when I got through the strait forward maze of a cave. There are some pretty strong wild pokémon in there especially on the third area so I've moved all my other pokédex training there to level up my monsters to evolve. Still some trades to go but depending on how long I take to max my pokédex I will be done soon.