Job Hunting

Written by Anthony Osman on .

So it begins again.

This will be an ever constant until a few things are met;

  • I am happy in my work
  • I enjoy what I am doing
  • I am in control of my finances
  • I can earn enough to provide
  • I have money for privileges

Now there are a few focuses going on that are all in my pursuit of happiness. I am ever training and developing my creative skills in painting, drawing, writing and photography. Using my creative imagination to my best advantage. My current job covers the bills and allows me a basic food intake and to attend the gym, I can also save a little bit of money. However I cannot afford to learn to drive, see friends as often as I would like eat more meals a day, attend events or go on holiday. If large bill come along I can be fudged. I also have a very quite social life, this does not help when wanting to meet new people.

I acting on my plan to find a new job. Now if I can get more money coming this would be great. I can then afford to do or have some of societies materialistic providing goals. Like a better place to live and a car for example. Should I get at the same or less I will need a day off within the week to volunteer at a school to gain work experience also I will to attend college to gain my GCSE English qualifications at a C grade or above. This is so I can move into a career as a teacher. Few places are train on the job and want the correct qualifications already also the teacher training course is asking me to have my GCSE English before I can be admitted to study. Now there are also fanatical costs that take a while to save in order to do the courses. Earning more would get me there faster and binding my time in saving provided I can get a week day off would gain me more voluntary experience. Both are equally need to move me up the ladder. Some fears I do have when it come to the teacher training is the support network behind me. How do I work a full time University and pay the rent and get food in? Now some people have partners or parents they turn to help them out, but I wont. My folks don't need me as a burden and my experience with relationships has taught me the guys have to be making more money. In state of study or when trying to get by, ones not making the right kind of money. I'm not saying all people are like this, but it seems to show up each time with me.

I am also through my self development and improving upon my creative talents trying to figure out how to work for myself and bring in the bread and butter that way. How do I be a successful Artist earning a living? Is the question. This also lends itself to teaching because I would not feel like a hypocrite and can give first hand advice to students on how to strike out on your two feet. I'm sure I will always keep learning and keep curious in this one man driven adventure to prove some people wrong and achieve more in life and reach goals I set myself.