New Years Eve

Written by Anthony Osman on .

An adventure in London.

Last year as in yesterday I went down to the city to meet up with my friend Nicholas to celebrate the ending of one year and the beginning of another. We met up quite early about half two at Kings Cross station. I bought my ticket on the train just after Stevenage, I could of got away with not getting one at all the office closed and machines buggered at Sandy station but it not much of a fuss. I thought I was heading to Tottenham to meet up, instead we adventure down to London bridge looking for food. This took the shape of a Pret snacking. After grub we walked to the river bank and began the drink the bottle of Jack Daniel's I had received for Christmas with a Pepsi mixer. Man I got drunk quickly, the last glass I pored out weren't half strong. It certainly kept me warm. After abuse the Tate by only taking advantage of the public faculties. We found a pub, of course it was still early and we filled much of the night up across two bars with banter. Subjects ranging from, photography, design, girls, family, TV shows and cartoons. On leaving and heading over to the waters edge or bridge to get a good view there was a very large collection of people in orange hi-vis tops. All setting up saying were people could and couldn't walk. It was time to be herded. Now we did get to the front of the bridge next to two American girls one short and dark the other tall with purple hair, and no we did not talk to them or did they talk to us; needless to say no New Years Eve kiss. This has never happened I've never tried haha. The fire works although blocked a tad by the Tate were amazing and incredibly loud. It was like a thunderstorm of magnesium fire in the nights sky. We waited a little while before heading back. I tried a quick hello to the girls, but frankly missed my opportunity and had to bumble away from the funny look and start talking to my friend. Kinda like when wave at someone you've seen realise they're not who you think they are turn your head and eyes away and rub the back of your head with your waving hand to avoid suspicion. It never works, they know you made a little embracement; it's fine. Blooming heck was the tube chocka block; I nearly lost a pin badge and almost road a wave of moving crowds at a Victoria Line stop. We did get back alright, grabbed a Burger King witness the a guy drop his blade on the floor and a woman clearly about to drive well over the limit. Indoors we wound down with some Nine Inch Nails and I got the bed to sleep in which was very nice of Nicholas indeed. I had fun time all in all.

What the passing of twenty thirteen means for me is a good look into healing myself of some broken mess and bitterness. Working out my path to become happier within myself and moving away from echoing the past over and over again. This year I get to look forward to building up my finances to invest in the places I want to be and spending even more time doing what I want to be doing. It will be a good year to come.

Happy New Year to you all!