Written by Anthony Osman on .

Using the brush to find my mistakes.

Now I made this canvas up a little while ago and thought of doing this image with it although a little different in my mind. What was really interesting about painting this was how I use brushes. See I've always thought myself a tad clumsy with the bristled tool, and that is some what true I need lots more practice clearly. I notice though I am trying to use a brush the same way I am using a pen or pencil. I am too heavy handed when apply the medium to the surface and not understanding the sticky texture of the oil paints. The main staple is that I need to be more patient in my approach and buy additional binder. See with more binding agent I can smooth out the pigment when mixing the colour making it last longer and also familiar myself loading the brush and using a calculated conservative approach that is marked down as a dedication of expression. I think that I have just been colouring my ideas in. Not to say that is bad, but I want to up my game and plan to paint more. So practice, practice and practice. There is more wood for another five canvases. To understand the brush better I will need to sit down and with paper and an inkwell and make marks, understanding how to use the tip and the length and shapes of line I can produce. I am not drawing with the brush but using it to record a likeness to my imagination. The more I do the more I will understand and the better I will get. It is what I want so I will make it happen.