Kanto: Second Week

Written by Anthony Osman on .

Cerulean City, Vermilion City and the horrid Rock Tunnel.

Finally out of Mt. Moon I had some catching up to do both in training and in capturing to be at the same level as Nicholas playing Red. I launched myself over the rock ledges skipping items and the battles outside of the mountain pass, I really needed to heal. I will go through the tunnel again to locate more moonstones with plenty of thundershock and confusion to deal with the endless wave of Zubat. So I've come to Cerulean City home of Misty and the Cascade Badge. Much of my time was spent on route 4 training up Pikachu and Ivysaur up to around level twenty. Taking down Misty and also I am aware that a rival battle at the beginning of the bridge to route 24. Why he has a level 17 Charmander is beyond me, I thought he would of evolved it. That bridge actually took a while, I'm glad Nicholas and I did some trading because Growlithe really came in handy; that pup has did now and is awesome. We also swapped a Meowth and Sandshrew. So I get on route 24 and cannot catch an Abra yet as I skipped getting the greatball earlier. Talking to Bill in his little Pokémon costume and I clear up the "someones pc" issue he also gives me very kindly a S.S. Anne ticket. Bitchin down to Vermilion City I go to play on a boat. I got HM1 joy of joys I can now use cut, apparently it was not a good idea to look into the bucket that the ships' Captain was being sick in;,, yurrpp. I wrestled with some burly Sailors and laid the smack down on my rival again. Cut has made some areas available to me I scooted about on my pimping new bicycle back and caught an Abra and another Spearow then made the trades in game for Farfetch'd named Dux and a Mr. Mime called Marcel. I had to go through Diglett's Cave to get HM5 *flash* also cut down the tree and enter Viridian City sneak into the back of the museum and grab the old amber so I can get Aerodactyl later. Now is time for the Rock Tunnel, I hate that place. With flash it is easier but just so many Zubat and Geodude so I have to keep swapping between my electric and grass types in my squad taking damage each time. Mr. Mime did come along for the journey with me and zoomed up his levels as I was going to need him for the Pokémon Tower. I have spoke with the folk in Lavender Town and have to make my way over to Celadon City to obtain a Silph Scope and beat up some members of Team Rocket.