Written by Anthony Osman on .

Blesh-u for your dragon shout.

So yeah Skyrim is highly addictive to play. My PC does crash out on menus now and then and I see this as a good thing because I really have got lots of other stuff I need to be doing. There is good reason why I cut back on video games. Anyway I am a female Nord named Saisir. I started by mainly upping my magic and building up on a destructive power. I have both fire and spark so far, no sign of the frost spell yet. I sneak about an awful lot, and shoot people with arrows. The thing that has got me stumped though, is that I leave a boss in a few dungeons because I keep getting owned and then when I come back stronger; so are they. I need to get through to their chamber clearly stocked full of potions and play very smart in order to fluke a defeat. My normal play style is sneak and shoot arrows, then cast magic and then if those to have failed the bad guy is right in my face go for the shield and sword. I was a fan of the mace but it takes too much stamina. I am in the process of adding more health and strength to Saisir as I level up but still putting more into magic, I am going for light armour also so a can run about quicker and loot more crud when the game doesn't want to crash. Skyrim is very pretty and I have slain quite a few dragons already even though I would prefer to be on the dragons side both the racist Stormcloaks and greedy Imperils do not appeal to me. If the game does demand a choice I will go with the Stormcloaks simply because I am a Nord and so are all they. Even though they don't really use magic. Next play though I'll be a male Orc and smack things with a very heavy warhammer in two hands. I give the game this though even for a distraction it is teaching me further the emersion and enjoyment of being fully engaged with something, were time holds no bounds.