Kanto: first week

Written by Anthony Osman on .

Pokémon Blue adventure.

Last weekend I begun my journey a few time so my friend Nicholas and I have each of the starters, but after that shenanigans was done it was time to embark on route one and become the best like no one ever was.  I would say most of the week in I am not very far, just zapping some Zubat inside Mt. Moon with a Pikachu. The little yellow static fluff monster is not staying in my squad, and will be replaced before long. I have caught quite a few though my Pokédex is already up to sixteen. The only creatures that I have evolved all my level ten Butterfree and Beedrill. I'd like Beedrill to become a permanent fixture and know off Bulbasure as my poison type in the squad, however I know that bug type are quite week and don not have many moves in the first gen. I will see, I know that no starters in the main squad is a rule we're playing by. So we can mix it up and go for members that we generally do not use. Brock was not all too bad, in training Weedle into Kakuna and then into Beedrill he got plenty of experience points to learn vine whip. I'll pick up the pace outside of Mt. Moon and head strait for a Meowth to join the team. I was trying to catch a Paras this morning I've always like that little mushroom mite.