Family outings

Written by Anthony Osman on .

Once a fortnight I go out to dinner with my Mother and my Brother.

What usually happens is that two Tuesdays a month I get picked up about half four from work, drive back to mine and drop the work laptop off indoors. I'll chat about what jobs I've applied to and mention quickly any girls that have shown interest in me or I them.  I'll run through my project idea and what steps I need to take to make things happen in my life. I'll ask my Mum what has been going on with her too. If we have to be a little later picking up Graham in Stevenage then we'll have a cup of tea at mine. We my the drive via the motorway from Sandy to Stevenage coming over from the north we get into The Glebe to get my Brother. This is where me and Graham now take it in turns to sit in the front of the car. How gets there first rules really.  Once all in the car we will pick a place to eat our choice between five; Frankie & Bennie's, Pizza Hut, The Big Pub, Toby Carvery or Burger King. Toby or the Big Pub is the normal affair. Graham and I have a good chat about computer games, his work, other family matters and of course fun stuff we've been finding. After eating our main and drinking the glasses of coke we have it is off to Tesco in Baldock (on rear occasion Asda in Stevenage) we have a good look round there at the magazine, lego sets, dvds, phone and computer technology available. Making joke and lolly gagging all about the store. We get a few bits maybe but never a big shop.  Graham gets drop off first of course and me second.  Through out the evening I try to hold back any moaning or complaints, I don't really want to explore them all the time and I especially do not want to chew my families ear off with tales of self centred heart ache or laziness in the working world blaming others.  In fact I don't need to tell myself those things. Any hoot we all have a good time and it is always super dooper to see them both. I love them very much.