Written by Anthony Osman on .

Recently on my trip to Derby I took up my Nintendo Dsi with the game Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story to play. I have had this game for a long time but never really got too far as I was playing Puzzle Quest 2 and Pokémon Platinum more at the time. I am having a lot of fun with it. Sometimes to the level of distraction, so I have relegated my Dsi to only be played at the end of the day in the bedroom before bed and when I travel on the train. Otherwise I do not act on the things I need to get done indoors and will use the device to procrastinate. This got me thinking though "How can I give that much time an interest to a video game?" Rattling this around about I concluded there is reward and smiles involved. Work is only begrudging with a frown, and there is more enjoyment in any activity with a smile. So if I treat what ever my task in hand is with enthusiasm and pleasure as a mindset then the I will find grater reward in all of my undertaking, form the washing up to painting a canvas.

Also small attack of writers block came, this was easy to solve though, I grabbed a pen a note book to take with me everywhere I go and just jot my idea down. Then when come back into the studio I have jumping off points and no longer a blank page met with a blank expression. Sometime I feel that it has to be perfect, but in reality doing for doing sake will produce more and send me into the right direction of content. What is perfect anyway, other than a word I misspell sometimes.

Back onto video games I should get the pc back this Tuesday that my Brother Graham built me. So I can explore the world of Skyrim a little bit at a time finally, and the machine has a fire wire cable so I can import video to edit with and rediscover the moving image. Or more likely me just turning my conversation with myself into recording to vent onto the internet. This will be fun and I will fit it into my daily action, I can see more staying awake motivation tactics coming into play within my future.