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Well I have currently been quite this week on the old interweb.

Last Friday was my interview at North Hertfordshire College for a residency placement. To get the I had to walk from Tadlow to Wrestlingworth then catch a bus to Hitchin. That cost £6 for a return. I was suited and shave looking quite good for the afternoon. Now I had a little dilemma with getting some photographs made up. I was trying to send some images ahead to either Boots or Kodak in Hitchin and collect them on the day while in the town centre. No such luck, there is a send over service with Boots but the prints are made up out of store then posted onto your nearest shop taking five working days. I had an hour and a half to get this sorted before the interview so I was strait into the pharmaceutical store. I processed the order and then read the sign saying that the one hour service was not on today. On the bright side I did not have to pay but I now have to hurry to Kodak. So I turn my printed slip into a note to hand in. Now in hindsight my first thought of just leaving my note on the desk would of been the best idea. I tried to give my note to a member of staff. Who did not my note and was insistent that they would right there own note for the photo team. I had a phone call the next day, so she did not right a note down. Over to Kodak, it was busier in there I waited my turn. Then told the machines wont work until I put my media in, although on the it says "touch to start" so I listen and the lady sets up the prints to 6*8 for me. I begin selecting my photographs, being aware that this much more expensive than the other shop. I get asked how I'm doing, I say that the screen is a little unresponsive and I joke to say I'm having a little tantrum with it. The woman comes over and tells me that I am touch the screen round that I need to be more firm and I should not touch it on the black part of the displayed page because it does not do anything. Needless to say this wound me a little up as she started to take over moving me aside. The way I figured it and an tried to communicate this was when you touch the screen it moves the mouse icon I was touching the black area to locate the mouse icon and I already was being firm with machine. Now I said this after I had step back taken a deep breath and bit my tong not to snap. What I wanted to say is "Let me make my own mistakes so I can learn" there may of been swearing it that thought as well. Other things in that shop and the way I was spoken to just wound me up the wrong way. I was glad to get out and have chucked away their contact details they gave me to forward prints to them in the future. There's now way I would use a service only to be patronised. The interview itself went extremely well. Wearing that suit in the warmth of the afternoon and all that travel had made me sweat, but I had managed to cool down enough. I showed some work I have been up to, I was received with smiles, complements and wonderful welcome. Noted was my interviews saying that I seem genuine, compassionate, generous and positive. This Thursday I got a telephone call informing me that I had not got the placement because my art practise is not at the level needed for the course, but that I gave a very good interview and I am passionate, ambitious and approachable. It agreed that my portfolio is not where I would like it to be and that I am glad to be working again and I was offered to have my portfolio looked again at a later date as an aid to my practice because is show potential; I accepted this proposal. I am aware that I have been active again for only a few months while I have been building up my self confidence. Productivity is directly related to how you feel about yourself. I do more when I believe can achieve.

Also at the weekend I celebrated my good friend David and Phoebe getting married. They are both wonderful people I am incredibly chuffed for them both and with love wish them much happiness.

I also got a stake dinner out with my Mum and my Brother. He has also sorted out my PC some more so soon I will be able to play Skyrim. I have booked my weekend in Derby to see my friend Laura and do some drawing there. I am looking forward to my week ahead.

I cannot bloody wait to play Skyrim that game looks awesome and I'll get to sneak about in the snow and shoot things with arrows from the darkness, I will be a ninja Redguard.