Written by Anthony Osman on .

What does it mean to have a name or label to know ourselves with? Is it a way to categorise our history, personality, interests, family and friends. Is it a badge to wear within society? To recognise one of our own or exclude those that threaten. Can are own brand be used against use as well as to promote ourselves. Does one view conflict with another? Are each of use holding limiting view because of associations we have with the words we use to describe ourselves.

My aim is to discover how we view ourselves as a person. What we hold dear and understand to be true. How we act or say we act, what differences there are. The label that we give ourselves or have been left with, what do they tell us and how do they affect us in our person development. What statements are descriptive but hold more meaning such race and religion. Can one alter their perception and live to a new description of who they are. We can make our own identities and do not have to live within the confines of labels. This is what I want to explore and teach. That we can be what ever we dream to be.

How I wish to undertake this idea is to work within photography and print. Looking at they way we present ourselves and the language we use to act as ourselves. Portraiture and text in print can best communicate the ever constant likeness but with a fading moment and progressive change. The photograph is capture of oneself in an instant. Print is the replication with alteration in each production with differed actions. We reproduce and reinvent ourselves each and everyday and yet hold on to an idea of who we really are in our true selves and by the name we go by. Work with who I am and also asking the student who they are. A body of work can be built to understand self. Lastly portraits both of self and of others can capture not only a likeness but also mannerisms and a story of actions and conversation with words or body language that have occurred within the development of the study. By looking inward and upon others externally we can more about ourselves.