Sandy at night

Written by Anthony Osman on .

Grabbing the pile of eleven primed cardboard I headed out about eight o'clock this evening into the night to sketch about the town. Trying to focus on the light and then add in the dark. I can shift me eyes so things go blurry, light sources circle more and streak out. I do this for a moment it helps in detecting the basic areas I want to cover in my mark making.

I wanted to use the wax crayon, but as I found out with my very first drawing of my neighbours ivy covered wall and adjacent lamp post, the white crayon dose not want to show up too well. Now maybe it is the diluted acrylic surface on the card agreeing with the chosen medium or it could be I need to apply lots of pressure to achieve a good line on the surface. I did manage to get something down, however the crayon is so chipped, big and chunky I cannot be accurate there for I can only leave a child like image behind.

The upside of this is I get to work quickly and do not have to trouble myself with too much detail and just get the basic shapes down then move on. Over the course of the evening I have made six drawings. Five in wax crayon then I headed back to the flat and swapped over to gel pens and made one more drawing. I got to be more detailed, but I was more aware of the time and the fact my nose was running a little. I will have to play with other surfaces to find out what wax crayon would make a better mark on. I do like using the gel pens and do take them out with me all the time, although usually with a finer line. I am collecting more cardboard each day and I still have five back grey primed ones left other from the night. I will make a few more picture in this way, and next time I will bring a coat and pack of tissues if the night air keeps on dropping in the way. What I know wax crayons on many colours will be used for is brass rubbings of fallen leaves this autumn. I plan to use these as part of a wall display for decoration, so I best make use to the current season and local woodland.