Serpent of the stars

Written by Anthony Osman on .

After toying about with old electrical equipment to make a satellite for the birthday of Chrissy Wallace. An idea of space art come about through comet chat. Now only a beginning this is a rough sketch with acrylic ink, chalk and hair spray. When adding other layers I can envisage thick brush strokes blending black acrylic and white emulation. Also the body of the viper curving round the edges of the canvas. I want the nights sky to contain the impression of the belly crawler as it was pressed into the nebular burst. Currently this first version looks like a blooming crude mess. Needless to say I have only just began. I'm glad something is on the faulty canvas at last, it has been sat on that easel glaring at me for weeks now. Better just to attack it than wait for all to be right. Other ideas is for a summoning party calling up to the nights heaven and the very stars shifting into the anaconda. I do believe that the adder or smooth snake will be best to look at for further inspiration. I can probably find these to snake or a corn snake up on the local heath. If I place a sheet of metal or can the should use the metal as refuge for keeping warm. Just take photographs and sketch the creature. Always leave the wildlife where you find it. This painting is just a bit of fun and not a serious work, I am playing with the cave engravings idea that came about from this weekends trip down Royston cave. It was quite cool really to see all the drawing and marks of graffiti made into the chalk. There is plenty of chalk in Royston, next time I am there I will go over to Icknield Walk document the white wall small cliff faces out of the woods.